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319th Combat Training Squadron Registration Information

General Information:
All personnel desiring to attend a 319 CTS course must first complete the application form. Selection for course attendance is unique for each course and can be found in the description of the course listed in the Course Catalog

Some courses require invitations to attend and this is annotated in the course description . If you do not have the proper permissions to attend, you will not be enrolled. Upon confirmation of enrollment, you will be notified and will receive a course package with all essential information.

** ANG and USAFR require supervisor and leadership permission prior to registration as well as paperwork with the training manager. (Please get with your training manager prior to enrollment).

Any DoD contractor desiring to attend a 319 CTS course needs to first coordinate with the 319 CTS registrar for additional guidance: 319CTS.DOU.Registrar@us.af.mil.

There are no registration fees or textbook fees for the courses. Limited TDY funds may be available to students from units designated as “Primary Stakeholders” (see the course description ) and not assigned to Peterson AFB or Schriever AFB. To determine TDY funding for Air Force personnel (excluding ANG in Title 32 status) contact the Course Director or Registrar who will direct your questions to the appropriate authority. Students not assigned to Peterson AFB or Schriever AFB and not funded by 319 CTS will need to use unit funds for all TDY/Per Diem charges that may be incurred.

Rental Cars:
There is no base transportation available on Peterson AFB. A rental car, fuel, and any parking associated with the rental car is NOT FUNDED by the 319 CTS.

Air Force and Space Force service members attending a course on TDY orders will be given directions by the registrar to book lodging or be booked by the registrar at the Peterson AFB lodging, Pikes Peak Lodge There is no base transportation available on Peterson AFB
https://www.21fss.com/about/pikes-peak-lodge/ . Student will then be required to confirm the reservation made with a credit card to guarantee their lodging. If student fails to guarantee their reservation and are required to stay off base, they may only be authorized the Government Meal Rate and their unit will be responsible for lodging costs in excess of base lodging costs.

If the base does not have availability, student will receive directions from registrar to use DTS to make arrangements off base and get NA (Non-availability letter).

Other service members are highly encouraged to stay on base if available.

Course Application Directions:
  • 1. Apply for a 319 CTS course by clicking on the “APPLY FOR A CLASS” tab. This tab is located on the bottom left of the “COURSES” page (select from COURSE CATALOG) or the top right corner of the “SCHEDULE” page and “REGISTRATION” page (this page).
    • a. Click “APPLY FOR A CLASS”.
    • b. In the course drop down menu select "Your Course" (the course you wish to take).
    • c. In the select course dates drop down menu select "22-X" (the date you wish to attend).
    • d. Fill out all boxes on the form.
      • NOTE: If you do not fill out all the boxes, the registration site will not let you register.
    • e. Next, you will receive an email confirming your application has been received.
      • Some courses will also send an email to your supervisor with a link requiring approval for attendance to the course.
  • 2. Students attending courses must have the correct clearance level in The Defense Information System for Security (DISS). If your clearance is not updated correctly you will be unable to attend (unless course is unclassified then disregard).
  • 3. A student selection board is held (45 to 30 days prior to the course start date) and students are selected based on AF needs and priority of students.
  • 4. Students are notified and enrolled into the course (if not selected, students will be notified and possibly placed on a waitlist if available).
If you are enrolled into a course you will receive an email confirmation and further enrollment instructions. If you do not receive an enrollment confirmation 30 days prior to the start of the course, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Frequently Asked Questions

Accreditation Information

Any request for withdrawal from a course must be submitted to the 319 CTS/Flight and/or Scheduling Office via email no later than two weeks prior to the course start date.

Students who request withdrawal within two weeks of the start date require O-6 (or equivalent) approval and must submit request (via email) to the 319 CTS CTS/CC explaining the circumstances.

For all questions regarding registration and course schedules, please contact the 319 CTS Registrar Office.
For course specific questions, select the "Courses" tab, then find specific contact information on each course page.

319 CTS Registrar Office
COM: (719) 556-4063
DSN: 834-4063

For all questions regarding SFC, SOC, ITS, and SEC (which are now SP100, SP100-DL, ITS, and SEC) Please contact the NSSI Registrar.

NSSI Registrar Office
Amy McDonagh
(719) 556-3580