Space Warfighter Intelligence Formal
Training Unit (SWIFTU)

*Requires distance learning pre-course requirement be completed before course start date

SWIFTU is a 15-day course that provides Initial Qualification Training (IQT) certification and space professional development IAW AFI 14-1020, Intelligence Mission Qualification and Readiness and AFI 36-3701, Space Professional Development Program, para 1.6.3 and para This course is presented in two parts: part one is 23 hours of unclassified online learning and the students have 60 days to complete this portion of the course. Part two of the course is a 15 day in-residence portion covering curriculum at the TOP SECRET//SCI//NOFORN level. Both parts must be completed to earn a course completion certificate. The course provides students a broad-based understanding of the fundamental principles of space operations including: an overview of space as an operational domain, orbital mechanics, Annex 3-14 Counterspace Operations, AFTTP 3-1, AFTTP 3-3 IPE (ATT 2), and the capabilities and limitations of current US space systems and adversary systems. Additionally, SWIFTU will provide the students with application of tools and processes used to assess space intelligence, providing a foundation for individual units Mission Qualification Training (MQT). The 319 CTS SWIFTU team will send a confirmation e-mail with a detailed Welcome Packet which will include course information and reporting instructions, to each student via NIPR no later than two weeks prior to the class start date.

Course Length: 3 weeks
Offerings per year: 6 Resident Courses
Prerequisites: Certified in 14N or 1N career field, sister service equivalent, or other civilian/military personnel performing an intelligence function in support of space operations; currently indoctrinated to TS//SCI

a. Air Force / Space Force students (active duty who are in a USSF billet and require SWIFTU for IQT) located outside of Colorado Springs: STARCOM S2 funds TDY expenses (except rental car/gas). TDY students will be sent fund cite Line of Accounting (LOA) information in a separate email from STARCOM S2. Please feel free to contact them directly at (719-554-3432) if you do not receive this documentation or for any SWIFTU funding questions.

b. All others, Air Force/Army/Navy/Marine Corps/NASA students/Civil Service (Active Duty and civil service) not assigned to a USSF billet (i.e., NASIC, ACC, NRO, AMC, etc.): Your units are to process your orders and fund your travel cost to the course. There are no registration fees or textbook fees for the course.

c. Air Force Guardsman and Reservists: Your units are to process your orders and fund your travel cost to the course. There are no registration fees or textbook fees for the course.

Points of Contact:

Primary POC
Capt Aaron Daggit
DSN: 834-3220
Comm: 719-556-3220

Alternate POC
TSgt Charles Burgoyne
DSN: 834-7182
Comm: 719-556-7282

Sgt David Stout
DSN: 834-7282
Comm: 719-556-7282

SWIFTU Flight/DL Requests:

Registrar: Jennifer Medved (719) 556-4063