Space Warfighter Follow-On (SWF)- Space Electronic Warfare (SEW) Course
* NOTE: This courses require an invitation to attend, if you do not have the proper permissions to attend you will not be enrolled.* The SWF-SEW course is an in-residence course that establishes a solid foundation for entry-level personnel (1-3 years’ experience) working in the functional area of space electronic warfare. After successfully completing Undergraduate Space Training (UST), officers and enlisted members that have been selected for the SEW Spacepower Discipline will attend the SWF-SEW course in order to prepare them to provide combat effects worldwide. The course begins by providing students with a foundation in electronic warfare fundamentals, to include signal fundamentals, the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), navigation warfare (NAVWAR), and satellite communications (SATCOM). Students will then progress to the application of these foundational concepts and will learn how to both mitigate adversarial EW effects and coordinate friendly EW fires in order to accomplish assigned missions. Finally, the course culminates in a challenging capstone in which students demonstrate their knowledge by incorporating all that they have learned in the execution of a mock mission.

Course Length: 15 days
Offerings per year: 9
Prerequisites: Attendees require a current TS//SCI clearance

POC: (719) 556-7112
ALT: (719) 556-1089, (719) 556-4087, (719) 556-4178
Registrar: Jennifer Medved (719) 556-4063