Space Warfighter Follow-On (SWF)- Space Battle Management (SBM) Course
* NOTE: This courses require an invitation to attend, if you do not have the proper permissions to attend you will not be enrolled.* The SWF-SBM course is a 3-week in-residence course that establishes a solid foundation for entry-level personnel (1-3 years’ experience) working in the functional area of space domain awareness (SDA). After successfully completing Undergraduate Space Training (UST), officers and enlisted members that have been selected for the SBM Spacepower Discipline will attend the SWF-SBM course in order to prepare them to provide combat effects worldwide. The course begins by providing students with a doctrinal foundation of joint operations, the principles of battle management, and the concept of mission planning. The course then delves into the science behind the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), radio frequency, and signal generation which gives the students a clear understanding of “why” things work and “how” we use the EMS to accomplish multi-domain military operations. Students will learn about mechanical and phased array radars, optical and infrared sensors, as well as ground-based and space-based sensors. Students will understand how each type of sensor contributes unique data to formulate an overall SDA picture for combatant commanders.

Course Length: 15 days
Offerings per year: 9
Prerequisites: Attendees require a current TS//SCI clearance

POC: (719) 556-7112
ALT: (719) 556-1089, (719) 556-4087, (719) 556-4178
Registrar: Jennifer Medved (719) 556-4063