This is an On-Line Hybrid Course

space operations course - distance learning (SOC-DL)
*Requires on-line pre-course requisites be completed before course start date

The Space Operations Course is a hybrid distance learning course consisting of two parts: a 45-day instructor led (synchronous and asynchronous) online course utilizing a learning management systems (LMS) combined with a 1-week SECRET in-residence CAPSTONE providing a foundation of space knowledge for new space support personnel, acquirers, engineers or those with little space operations exposure. It introduces students to the areas of doctrine, orbital dynamics, space environment, space law, physical science aspects of space systems, force applications and other related subjects that enhance student understanding of the operational aspects of space. Successful completion of both parts result in Space Professional Development Program (SPDP) level 1 certification. Students must complete both course segments (online and in-residence) to graduate. Personnel who complete SOC-DL and accrue 1 year of space experience will earn Space Professional Development Program (SPDP) Tier 1 certification. Contact HQ AFSPC/A2/3/6XD, the Space & Cyberspace Professional Management Office, for more information on SPDP, Students register for the IN-RESIDENCE LOCATION only. Students will be assigned their online course based on their selection.

Online Course Length: 45-days
In-Residence Course Length: 5-days
Offerings per year: 12
Prerequisites: Attendees require a current SECRET clearance. Must be one of the designated SPDP Level 1 career fields.

POC: (719) 556-5406
ALT: (719) 556-4090