Overhead Persistent Infrared Advanced Course (OPIRAC)

The Overhead Persistent Infrared Advanced Course is designed to give an in-depth look at the OPIR mission areas of Missile Warning, Missile Defense, Battle Awareness, Technical Intelligence, and Civilian Applications. It provides an environment for operators to begin development of TTPs that enhance delivery of OPIR data to warfighters during normal operations and in a contested space environment. The target audience is experienced OPIR operators and is recommended for those moving to training, evaluation, or tactics development positions.

Course Length: 2 weeks
Offerings per year: 4
Prerequisites: Attendees must be currently indoctrinated to
TOP SECRET//SI/TK prior to their arrival at the school.  Students must also be familiar with OPIR security classification guides.

This course will count towards credit for Colorado Technical University (CTU) as credit for CTU Course IT622 (Business Intelligence & Methods). In addition, this course may also count towards credits at other schools. Please contact the 319 CTS Registrar at DSN: 834-4063 or 319CTS.DOU.Registrar@us.af.mil for guidance.

DOT DSN: 834-2745
ALT: (719) 556-4029, (719) 556-8068
Registrar: Jennifer Medved (719) 556-4063