This is an On-Line Course

Introduction to Space Electronic Warfare - Online

The ISEW-OL Course is a dynamic on-line self-paced familiarization course for all branches of service and government agencies. The course is designed for both military and civilians and covers fundamentals of space electronic warfare. It begins with an introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum, covers the basic fundamentals of Radio Frequency (RF) communications and the challenges of operating in a contested environment. The course expands by providing basic knowledge on the space capabilities that support the SEW mission area. The course culminates with a comprehensive exam in which the students demonstrate their knowledge of the SEW mission area and associated space capabilities.
Course Length: 16 hours
Offerings per year: 12
Prerequisites: Students must register with a current and valid government or DoD email address.

Course Director: (719) 556-4088
ALT: (719) 556-4029, (719) 556-4103
Registrar: Jennifer Medved (719) 556-4063