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The 319th Space Training Squadron is the direct descendant of several world-class space education and training organizations. The Space Tactics School (STS) which existed from 1994-1996 grew from lessons learned in Operation Desert Storm which found that campaign planning had not fully leveraged the nation's space capabilities. Initially the STS filled the void, but in 2002 the Space Operations School (SOPSC) stood up to extend beyond the objectives of the STS and filled the breach by teaching broader space concepts and systems. The two schools conducted a thorough examination of how to educationally prepare and train warfighters, and instituted programs that addressed recognized shortfalls.

The Space Commission Report of January 2001 amplified the need for more space education and training, noting the shortfall in growing space professionals at senior leadership echelons. The Commission's report served as a catalyst to help transform the SOPSC into the Headquarters National Security Space Institute (NSSI), which officially activated October of 2004. The NSSI had two main schools, the Space Professional School, which was responsible for the Space Professional continuing education courses such as Space 200 and Space 300, and the Space Operations School, dedicated to teaching advanced space concepts, deployment training, and instruction to space operations crewmember. In 2007, HQ AFSPC decided to reorganize the NSSI into two schools; the Space Professional School would remain the NSSI and be relocated under Air University and the Space Operations School would be renamed the Advanced Space Operations School and aligned under the Space Innovation and Development Center (SIDC). On 1 April 2009 the ASOpS was activated taking the lineage of the 319th Space Training Squadron.

In June 2012, the Advanced Space Operations School relocated to a new state-of-the art education and training facility on Peterson AFB CO. In September 2012, the new facility was dedicated to General Thomas S. Moorman Jr. and was renamed The Moorman Space Education and Training Center. In 2013 the school realigned under Air Force Space Command’s A3 directorate.

Provide responsive training in support of tactical, operational and strategic joint and coalition space op-erations.

The knowledge we impart enables innovation & maximizes system effectiveness in the space domain.

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Billeting for students attending 319 CTS courses may be available at the following. Please make reservations in advance as these facilities fill up fast.